v7ndotcom elursrebmem – Day 20

Friday 3rd February 2006 – 23:00

Current top 5 using google.com – from my location in the UK (indents not counted)
Preference set to 50, no filtering, results displayed 2,650,000
Using IE

www.sim64.com – no. 47

  1. www.jimwestergren.com/v7ndotcom-elursrebmem
  2. www.v7ndotcomelursrebmem.net
  3. www.v7n.com
  4. www.watching-paint-dry.com/v7ndotcom-elursrebmem
  5. www.v7ndotcomelursrebmem.com/

Friday – Black Hat Day

The .co.uk page that has been no. 1 for v7ndotcom elursrebmem for the past week dropped down to page 2 today,
I wonder why

Still haven’t done anything else that I had planned, but looks as though isthisyourcat is now staying out of top 50. It’s appearing for more and more other phrases now though, especially in MSN.co.uk.

I added a few fun pages for <**** and then set my adword ad up to suit. Hopefully I will create the 50 sate pages for found cats, and also create a lost cats section tomorrow, and then next l will start putting some content on to 2 other sites.

I may even set up a couple more v7ndotcom elursrebmem tricks again on Monday, but will leave the first one off for the rest of the week now.

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