v7ndotcom elursrebmem – Day 10

Tuesday 24th January 2006 – 23:00

Had the A4U guy from the Hampshire area crawling all over my sites again today, I wish he would contact me, we might be able to do things together.

Current top 5 using google.com – from my location in the UK (indents not counted)
Preference set to 50 results displayed 950,000
Using IE

www.sim64.com – not in top 50

  1. www.v7ndotcomelursrebmem.org
  2. www.v7ndotcomelursrebmem.co.uk
  3. www.watching-paint-dry.com/v7ndotcom-elursrebmem
  4. www.jimwestergren.com/v7ndotcom-elursrebmem
  5. www.v7ndotcomelursrebmem.net


You must excuse grammar, spellings etc. I’ve decided not to sit and plan anything I am just going to write, not alter anything and just go with the flow

Had one of those days today which makes me wonder what on earth was I doing for the last 20 years

18 months ago I was out of bed at 7:00 leaving the house at 7:30 to be on a cold, wet, miserable site by 8:00.
after working outside in all weathers I would then leave at 5:00 to be home by 5:30. Leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark. I hate winter.
This morning L got me out of bed about 8:15, we grabbed a bit of breakfast, got her ready for school, left to do the school run at 8:50 and at 9:10 I was back home in front the pc, next to the radiator ready to start work.

Better have a cup of tea and a quick read of the paper before starting work I thought. 30 minutes later, having finished my tea and paper I thought I ought to do something. But first a quick check of my emails (slow night only 370)
It’s when I haven’t checked my emails for about 10 hours that I really appreciate Mailwasher, pressing a button and just seeing 350 of the 370 gone is lovely ;o). Out of the approx 20 that looked interesting enough to get through to stage 2, 7 or 8 were new entries to my directory site, 2 were link requests, 3 were from affiliate networks, 4 or 5 looked like junk and got deleted, 1 was from the big green fella, 2 were enquiries about my directory and one was from the Adwords team again. I read the big green fellas first, marked it and put it in my “to reply to” folder (at least I thought I had, sorry if your reading) next I read the Adwords teams, and surprise surprise my ad had been pulled again :o(

I did a quick search for v7ndotcom elursrebmem and sure enough, no ad.
With my new Matt Cutts feature in the ads and on my page I realy wanted my ad up as much as possible, so logged in to my account, changed the wording slightly, and fortunately it was back showing within 10 minutes.
I thought now I’m at Google I might as well check the serps, but there didn’t seem to be much movement.
Next, I thought I would have a quick check at alt.internet.search-engines and 3 or 4 of my other regular newsgroups. Didn’t do this for as long as usual, 30 minutes later I was checking the forums.
I’ve never been much of a forum person, I’ve probably visited Digital Point a handful of times in the last 6 months, Webmaster World about the same, haven’t been to seochat for at least 3 months, been slipping recently with seo-guy (probably only 5 or 6 times a week now) but have become quite frequent at v7n (mainly lurking).

It was whilst at v7n this time I got my latest idea, I saw the picture of the 3 seo’s (think they are the bad guys, but i know nothing about them so will reserve judgment). This I thought was the ideal next photo for the cat treatment ;o)
I saved the image and got to work on it.
I thought I would base it on L’s favorite film “All dogs go to heaven” but change it to all cats
I finished the 3 cats, then thought it would be good to include the scrawled title in the background, I started writing it, but
then realised I was going to run out of room, rather than delete the writing and started again the idea of Hell came to me, and so it then became “All cats go to Hell” a quick inclusion of an arrow pointing downwards and i was finished. Time for another cup of tea.

I then had the idea of making it look like a poster, so put it on my site advertised as “Posters for sale”

Cat posters now available

v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Posters from $1.99

11:30 first phone call of the day, and it’s a nice order (that’s today sorted :o) )
Loaded my page up, then had a quick look at my stats, checked my directory over for bad entries, made a few quick changes on another site and checked my ads were still showing OK.
Back to V7n, back to A.I.S-E, then back to my emails.
Still had the ones to read from earlier, plus another 100 + to put through stage 1. There was nothing that looked important, 5 or 6 that may be worth opening, the rest just got zapped.

Time for a bit of a play with little T.J. then up to the bakery for baguettes. decided not to have filled ones today, but instead just got a couple of empty ones and J made us some lovely bacon filled baguettes. mmmmm.

1:30 ish another order came through, then my folks phoned to see if it was OK to pop around. They got here around 2 and stopped for an hour, I then went to pick up L from school and got back just in time for a cup of tea ;o)
Half hour on the playstaion with L (playing “The Simpsons” Hit and Run) was only interrupted by the phone which was another nice order. Quick check of my email whilst there and there was one from Jez, so I went on to messenger for a quick chat.

Paul arrived with a nice cherry pie, had a bit of a play with L and T.J. then we all had supper.
He got on the spare PC for a couple of hours, whilst I played with L and T.J. again.
With them both in bed, Paul gone and J watching the telly, I thought I might do a bit of work now.
Quick check of email, neswgroups, forums and stats first though. I then got distracted by Barrymore and Galloway having a row on Big Brother and ended up watching that for half an hour.
Back to have a quick check on Incredibill and got stuck there for a while (he is so funny and good at writing) then a quick check in my stats to see Jan had written something about my isthisyourcat.com site, so went and posted a comment ;o)

I then went to have a quick read of Matt Cutts and saw he was writing about linkbaiting and couldn’t resist posting a comment, wonder if he will see the funny side of it ?

Wow ! nearly 10:30 now, time to sit down and plan what to write tonight, when it suddenly hit me! DON’T I decided rather than sitting and planning it, rather than even thinking about it, I would just sit down and write it.
Sod the grammar, sod the spelling sod the layout just write and make it up as i go along.

Well, not much v7ndotcom elursrebmem there, maybe tomorrow ;o)

Just realised, for the 3rd day running I haven’t checked any affiliate links or stats

Forgot jojo as well, I did set some links up though

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