Help and Advice With Contesting Exam Grades

There was a lot of talk when the COVID Crisis effected school exams that if a pupil received lower expected grades based on assessments they could appeal the results given.

It was assumed by a lot of people that individual students could appeal their grades but not a lot of information on appealing exam results can be found anywhere without a lot of research.

Fortunately, we’ve found out more information on appealing exam results based on assessments

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Help and advice with contesting exam grades and appeal applications

SQA 2020 Appeals – The Scottish Qualifications Authority

If you did not receive the exam results were expecting contact your school or college as appeals can only be made by your school or college.

Schools or colleges can only appeal if the exam grade awarded is lower than the estimated grade that they sent to SQA.

Before schools or colleges can submit a request, the following must apply:

The candidate has been awarded a lower grade than their estimate
Evidence to support the students estimate must be provided
Consent of the student should be obtained

Schools or colleges should submit a rationale for their estimated grade for each candidate.

Requests must be signed-off by the headteacher or principal (or their representatives)

Results of appeals will be emailed to the school or college on dates to be arranged.

What to do if your school or college refuses to appeal your exam results and grades

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