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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the act of trying to get a website to rank high in the search engines when a user of the search engine searches for a particular word or phrase. There are many ways of achieving this, some approved of by the major search engines and some frowned upon. There are also many types of search engine optimser, those who work within the Google webmaster guidelines, (White Hat search engine optimisers), Those who bend the rules slightly (Grey Hat search engine optimisers) and those who blatently disregard all guidelines and do whatever it takes to gain the top spot (Black Hat search engine optimisers). Many of the border line grey hats like to think of themselves as white hat which has led to the latest buzzword being Ethical search engine optimisation - ESEO which I personally consider to be a joke as most of these so called ESEO's are keyword spamming to rank high for the term.

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