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February 6th 2006

I suppose it is time to think about what to do next.
This will be the launch page for a number of new mini-sites within Sim64, the question is what will these sites be about?

I might throw together a 5 page mini-site later this week just to test the water, what will it be about? - Watch This Space.

I suppose the obvious thing to have the first section about, is something I am interested in or something I have done before, something niche so I can gauge how things are going and ideally something that could potentially lead to a revenue stream. With that in mind, I may throw a very basic 5 page site up about Stocking Fillers. It may be to competitive for this new site, but if I target more niche phrases it will be interesting to see if I can rank well for these and also see if a high ranking for less competitive targets actually generate any traffic.

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